RS42 Postformer


  • Full colour touch screen
  • PVAC and UF resin glue capability.
  • Computerised, fully automatic with manual over-ride options.
  • Gentle forming method produces tight rolls in 90-180 degrees, D-rolls and post formed doors etc
  • Space saving single sided machine.
  • Forming up to 4200 mm in length.


RS42 Specifications

Maximum Bench Top Length: 4200 mm
Maximum Profile Hight: 150mm
Minimum Profile Height: 16mm
Minimum Forming Radius: 3mm
Splash backs: Up to 900 mm high
Coving radius: 8 mm
Machine dimensions: L: 5400 x W: 700 x H: 1800 mm
Power Supply: 415v + Neutral 25 amp
Air Supply: 100psi (675 KPA)
Weight: 2100Kgs


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