The LCH machine is a polishing unit for straight flat or squared 1 to 6 cm-thick marble or granite edges. The working mode is on a continuous process basis; this means that all the pieces are loaded one after the other on the machine and move past a series of mandrels so that they come out completely finished. Apart from the mandrels for polishing and smoothing the edge, the LCH machine is also equipped with mandrels for chamfering both sides of the edge. The machine can also be equipped with additional mandrels for dripstone cutting, thickness gauging and shaping with suitable diamond tools.




Number of Polishing Motors: 7

Number of Beveling Motors: 2

Total Water Consumption: 45 – 55 litres/minute (12 to 15 gallons/minute)

Total Dimension of Machine: 3m X 1.22m X 1.22 m (10ft x 4ft x 4ft)

Total Weight of Machine: 1.36 Tonnes (3,000lbs)

Working Speed: 45m (150 feet) per Hour

Maximum Abrasive Size: 6″ or 150mm

Minimum material size: 3 inches x 16 inches 75 mm X 400 mm

Maximum material size: NO MAXIMUM

Extension Tables: Standard 3ft in length

Fully automatic straight edge polishing

Production speeds of 80 to 150 l/f per hour

No height restrictions for material being processed

7 polishing heads enables processing in one pass

Requires small foot print for set up and operation (Dimensions are 14’x6’)

The LCH 711 requires no human intervention to over see the operation and allows the operator to do other jobs

Cost of lineal feet of finished edge amortized over 5 years is under .30 per foot

2 motors allow for V-grooving material for mitered edge

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