E Laser 2D Xpress

ELaser Xpress™ 2D System is used primarily for countertop templating.

The ELaser XpressTM series provides a more economical solution for many applications. This version of ELaser XpressTM collects 3D data and automatically projects it onto the desired 2D plane making it ideal for virtually all 2D design needs. The user can define any plane in space as the XY plane (horizontal/vertical/other) for 2D layout and design.



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The countertop feature of the ETemplate Measure Manager™ software automatically draws a digital template as the space is being measured. The user predefines standard specifications as defaults in the software that may be modified as needed based on customer specifications.

After the template is complete, a dynamic editing feature allows the template to be modified should the customer request a change. With a single mouse click, the template automatically adjusts the drawing to accommodate the requested change. 80% to 100% of the template is automatically completed without the use of CAD making ELaser 2 to 5 times faster than its competitors. The need for CAD is minimal; however, full CAD functionality is included.

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