Top Vac

Vacuum Clamping Table

This unique clamping system eliminates the need for G-Clamps etc., which can often cause damage to the work piece and prevent you from working on all 4 edges at the same time. The TOP VAC is very quick and simple to operate. Simply place the work piece on the TOP VAC turn the switch on and instantly the work piece is securely fastened by the vacuum generated. The TOP VAC has the added benefit of telescopic height adjustment.

TOP VAC also allows you to create your own special vacuum pads, simply cut Melamine board to the desired shape, stick gasket material around the edges and secure board to the TOP VAC unit.




Top Vac Specifications

Height adjustment range: 815mm – 1115mm
Supplied Vacuum head size: 250mm x 250mm
Vacuum power generated: 9p.s.i. (60KPA)
Air supply: 70p.s.i. (472 KPA)

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