Robo Saw Jet

Farnese and BACA Systems introduce the most reliable and lowest cost SawJet Cutting System to the stone industry. Robo SawJet is a high-production dual table SawJet that integrates both a high-pressure abrasive waterjet and 20HP direct-drive saw. Robo SawJet can save customers 70% on labour and 20% on material cost.



Robo SawJet is waterproof and dustproof. That makes it maintenance proof in the harsh environment of the stone manufacturing. By placing the robot between the two tables, Robo SawJet provides a small footprint for a busy granite fabricators production floor.

The ROBO SAWJET is our Saw and Abrasive WaterJet programmable cutting system. ROBO SAWJET combines traditional stone processing technology with lean industrial machine technologies allowing you to fit your cutting needs with an affordable and reliable system.

At its core, Robo SawJet utilizes a 6 axis robot in combination with the flexibility of abrasive waterjet technology and the cost efficiency of the Robo Saw. The benefits of this system include but are not limited to: Easy-to-use programming and operator interface simply with a few clicks of the mouse; Reduction in Floor Space required for traditional gantry or bridge style machines; Maximizing Job-to-Job machine uptime for maintaining or improving heavy workloads; Minimizing the maintenance requirements of the ROBO SAWJET system with state of the art components.


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