Mentra MD45 S


  • Changeable¬†glue tanks!!!
  • Hot melt glue tank
  • Heavy-duty solid steel machine frame and bass total weight 1000 kg
  • Top and bottom profile scrapers to provide smooth radius finish
  • Heated fence to create a better bond


Control Panel

User friendly control panel with simple off/on switchs and digital reader to control glue temperature

Heated Fence

The heated fence to preheat the panel just before the glue is applied. This feature creates a better bond of the tape to the panel.
Glue Station

Hot melt glue tank with 1 litre capacity and 3 pressure rollers that are controlled via air cylinders to ensure even pressure is applied

End Trimming Saws

The end trimming unit has two independent motors fixed with saw blades for cutting the exceeding tape on the front and the rear side of the panel

Top and Bottom Trimmers

The top and bottem trimmer units trim the tape on the top and the bottom side of the panel. Each motor has tracing wheels fitted to ensure the best possible result is produced and have digital read-out for positioning

Top and Bottom Scrapers

The scrappers are radius and have tracing wheels fitted to ensure the best possible finish is produced and digital read-out for postioning

The Buffing unit is for cleaning off the edge. There are two independent motors fitted with cotton polishing wheels


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