Lynx Bridge Saw

The LYNX is a saw designed and built for the person who needs an accurate and versatile saw at an affordable price. This machine is composed of one main beam (bridge), which travels on two rails. The main beam consists of one fabricated H beam on which 8 guides are machined to carry and drive the cutting head



The movement of the main head (cross travel) is motorized and equipped with an electronic speed controller which enables the machine to cut at various speeds depending on material hardness. The up and down movement is motorized for quick and easy adjustment and positioning of the blade’s level. Both Up-Down and Cross travel have limit switches at the end of travel which enable simple stroke length setting.

The movement of the main beam over the rails is motorized for ease of bridge movement and it is programmable. A pendant station is situated on the inside of the working area so that the operator can use the machine while checking the material.

The automatic cutting system has different settings which give the operator great flexibility in their work. After the initial menu the machine has a MANUAL and AUTO menu.

In the MANUAL menu the operator can visualize the position of the machine at any time. He can also enter a single measurement, press IN or OUT and the machine will move and stop at the desired position. At that point he can press the START button and the blade will start up, move down, make a cut at the programmed speed and then move up and go back to its left most limit.

In the AUTO menu the operator can program in 9 different cuts and each one can be repeated 99 times. Once you press the START button the machine will execute the cuts at the desired speed. The system always adds the thickness of the blade at each programmed movement.

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