Lecia Xpress 3D

ELaser Xpress™ 3D is a complete measuring and modeling system. It measures freeform 3D surfaces as well as 2D planer geometry.

The ELaser Xpress series provides a more economical solution for many applications. Using unique best fit calculations and the ability to define 2D work planes, ELaser Xpress 3D creates intelligent CAD/BIM models that are friendly to CAD solid modelers, cabinet design software, and other software design solution.



Recommended for

Cabinet Layout and Design
Stairs and Railings
Wall Cladding
Floor Plans
3D Modeling/BIM
Quality Control/Construction verification
Glass/Ornamental Metal Works
Countertop Templating/Full Height Backsplash
Shower Enclosures/Tub Surrounds/Fireplaces
Any 3D or 2D layout need


Measures points, lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, splines, polylines, planes, and distances
Fully integrated 3D and 2D capability
Measure and model any complex 3D freeform space
Import 2D or 3D DXF models of design for verification in the shop or field
Establish and collect data for infinite number of 2D planes.
Allows 3D data to be snapped to 2D planes for better CAD manipulation
Collect any number of points desired to create ‘best fit’ geometry for improved fit and installation
Creates complete 3D CAD/BIM models of any space for design, fabrication and installation requirements
Includes cabinet layout module for integrating with cabinet design software
Exports DXF/DWG/IGS to any CAD
Extensive CAD functionality (drawing/editing/detailing)
Defines XYZ coordinate system to datum line for any other desired location
Automatically converts splines into lines and arcs for CNC use
Measures in Imperial or Metric
Also includes all features of the Xpress 2D version: