Technicut Saw

Technicut Saw

Technicut Saw

The TECHNICUT CNC SAW is the latest in top bridge saws design. It is a full 5 axis CNC controlled saw fitted with side vacuum manipulators for ease of movement of the material during cutting.

Even though it is a full CNC controlled 5 axis machine, the operator can still use the machine manually as if it was a simple standard bridge saw. The machine is fitted with a separate pendant station that allows operator to move and use the machine for quick manual cuts.

In Semi-Automatic modes, the operator can quickly and easily program all the cuts in the X and Y axis for quick trimming and rectangle production.

The CAD/CAM system supplied with the machine allows to program all 2D and 3D shapes that might be necessary to perform. In slab cut management system you can import DXF files or draw your own shapes. You can also perform simple or complicated cuts using the vacuum manipulator whenever you have blind cuts. Curved cuts can also be performed.

The spindle has a ½ GAS attachment that allows to fit a drill. This feature can be programmed to drill out the corners of internal cut outs for easy removal of the internal piece.






Drilling capability for coring out the corners of an internal cut.

Main Beam made in Cast iron for reduced vibration.

Head trolley made in Cast iron.

Hydraulic tilt table as standard.

Thickness probe for measuring the actual slab thickness.

Blade diameter measuring probe.


CROSS TRAVEL STROKE                        3585 mm (no belt table)

LONG TRAVEL STROKE                          2300mm

UP & DOWN STROKE                             460 mm

BLADE TILTS                                        UPRIGHT 90deg to 0 deg Flat

TABLE DIMENSIONS                             3200 X 2000mm

BLADE DIAMETER                                 RECOMMENDED 450 (MAX 600)

BLADE SHAFT DIAMETER                       60 mm

MOTOR RATING                                    14 HP

POWER RATING                                    415V 3PH 32AMP 50HZ

POWER REQUIREMENTS                        415V 3PH 32AMP 50HZ (customised for US customers)

AIR PRESSURE                                     7 BAR

AIR CONSUMPTION                              350 litres/minute

WATER CONSUMPTION                         6.5litres/minute

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