Marco Saw

Marco Saw


The MARCO is the new breed of 4 axis bridge saws for the stone industries.  It has a full CNC controller which coupled with the very easy to use front end program makes this machine one of the most versatile saws available in the market. The most innovative part of this saw is the fact that the head/blade can rotate around the full 360 degrees; thus allowing the operator to make angled and circular cuts.  It's CNC brain allows the operator to use the machine in four different modes: Manual, Parametric, Semi Auto and Full Auto.

Semi-Automatic & Manual

In the 'Semi-Automatic' mode, the operator can program up-to 9 lines of cuts each, with a maximum of 99 repetitions.

In the 'Manual' mode, the operator can position the blade to the first line of cut and choose to perform a blind or an End-to-End Cut. The operator can enter the transfer width for the next cut and click on the move button on the software application. The CNC controller positions the bridge to the required width at an accuracy of 0.1mm.

Full Automatic Mode

In the fully Automatic mode, the operator draws the necessary profiles using a standard CAD software and imports the file in dxf format. This file can then be imported into the Marco Software. An automatic cutting speed is preset and by clicking on the go button, the machine cuts all the necessary profiles.

Parametric Mode

The Marco software comes with programmed profiles whose dimensions can be altered on the go. Most of the common profiles for islands, counter tops etc are available in this module.

Blind Cuts

Blind cut limits can be programmed into automatic cuts by defining the Start and End points for each cut. If Start and End points are not defined, the cuts will be 'End-to-End' or 'Through' cuts.

Rotating Head

The Saw head can be rotated to a full 360 degrees. Bridge transfers are always parrallel to the blade angle. Cutting direction is always the in line with the blade.

Slab Loading

A high pressure hydraulic RAM attached the table frame tilts the table towards the front to a 80 degree angle to the ground. A simple selector flip switch is mounted to the side of the hanging pendant. 


Technical Data




5500 mm

216.50 ''


3430 mm

135 ''


2670 mm

105 "

Cross Travel Stroke

3790 mm

150 ''

Long Travel Stroke

2380 mm

94 ''

Up/Down Stroke

300 mm

12 ''

Table Dimensions

3220 mm x 2000 mm

127 '' x 79 ''

Blade Diameter

Recommended 400 mm 

(Max 550 mm)                           

Recommended 16" 

(Max 17")

Motor Shaft Diameter

60 mm

2.4 "

Motor Power Rating

9.2 KW (1440 RPM)

15 HP (1800 RPM)

Electrical Power Requirements

415/3/50 32A + Neutral

220/3/60 50A

Commissioning Time

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